Our renovations are perfect to give your existing home the look of our custom builds. We take the same customized approach to remodel existing rooms and floors precisely to your liking.

    • Our renovation services can be as extensive or simple as your home requires, ranging from single rooms to entire houses
    • We ensure that each renovation gives your home a modern look while fitting in with the rest of your home
    • Lawrence Builders is a certified green builder that sources environmentally friendly materials while maintaining affordable pricing

“Steve Lawrence and Lawrence Builders handled a very extensive and complicated renovation of our home that was completed about two years ago. We were delighted with the work that was finished on time and under the contracted price. We found working with Steve Lawrence and all of his sub-contractors to be an enjoyable experience. They are an exceptionally professional, competent, and friendly group.”

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Having had four new houses constructed for us during the last forty years, we have learned that there are three acid tests that a successful General Contractor must pass to make your dream house a memorable experience. In truth, the fourth house was constructed by Steve Lawrence next door in 2008 for our daughter and son-in-law but we were involved.
Test No. 1 is the Contractor’s relationship with the architect. They are almost always subtly antagonistic at best and mutually hostile at worst. … Read more