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"Since 2013, my wife and I wanted to design and build our net-zero sustainable house in the woods. 

Fast forward to 2023, our house still amazes us: that we get to live utility free in the woods, in a well-built, solid abode. 


Steve and his crew did an awesome job to ensure our design was built without any hitches.  The attention to details and asking us questions, keeping us informed to suggested changes was invaluable and took a lot of burden off us during the build process. 


Shout outs to John Meegan who worked tirelessly to our desired details of our kitchen layout, and especially Trust Construction.  Ryan, who owns Trust Construction, probably over-framed our house to provide a solid foundation for the interior open space concepts we wanted.  Ryan is now our friend and have used him to build out my workshop and wood shed.


You can't get more integrity and honesty from a builder than Steve.  Every time we see construction or renovations with Lawrence Builder signs, we see the ongoing attention to details, quality workmanship and passion Steve brings to his projects !  We are proud to be part of the Lawrence Builders legacy!"


- Jon + Gwynne, Coventry RI"

"My family had owned a beach cottage at Point Judith for over fifty years. The opportunity to replace this old and tiny cottage with a year-round home was a dream come true.

Steve Lawrence of Lawrence Builders Inc lives in the neighborhood and after seeing his home and other homes he had built, we asked him to be our contractor. We worked with Steve and his architect to design our home that would blend in nicely with our neighborhood.


We had an emotional attachment to the old cottage which my family had built in 1960, so Steve, who is an environmentally friendly person, suggested I save the cottage by donating it to a needy family who would move to a new site. Steve said that I would save demolition costs by giving it away.


Today, the cottage is nestled in the woods of Coventry, and has become someone else’s dream house.

Lawrence Builders has provided the highest quality materials and workmanship, at reasonable prices. Steve also provided specialists to help us choose kitchen and bath items, hardwood flooring and tile. Steve may be a young man, but he has good vision, some great ideas, and certainly the experience to build beautiful custom homes. My wife and I would recommend his company, Lawrence Builders, to our friends and anyone wishing to build or renovate their home."

– Richard & Ann Watelet, Narragansett, RI

"My spouse and I engaged Lawrence Builders for a major remodeling project on our home. It involved near reconstruction of the house, including remodeling one bathroom and adding another, removal and reconstruction of interior walls, excavation and laying foundation for and construction of two new rooms, removal and replacement of new and larger windows, demolition and reconstruction of the roof with new pitch, rewiring, enhanced electrical service, construction of new front and rear porches, redesign and plumbing of the heating zones, installation of central air conditioning, installation of a new upstairs laundry, and construction of a fully new and redesigned kitchen.


Workmanship on this job was outstanding. Inside and out, all specs were met, and the workmen were very careful in their attention to detail.

Of course, any project of this magnitude is bound to have some things go wrong, and we encountered a couple of unforeseen complications subsequent to completion of the work.


From the outset, Steve assured us that he would stand behind his work, and he kept this commitment. In the few instances where we later observed problems, he came right in and resolved them to our complete satisfaction.

Perhaps most remarkable is that the whole project came in under budget. We saw no padding to bring costs up to the contracted level that had been agreed upon. When we tell this story to our friends, their jaws drop. Just about everyone has a story about dishonest, misleading, or incompetent builders. This project with Lawrence Builders, however, was as satisfying and stress-free as any construction job could be. We liked the process, we love the outcome, and we very much came to like Steve Lawrence who is everything that a builder should be."

– Theodore N. Bosack, Wakefield, RI

"Steve Lawrence and Lawrence Builders handled a very extensive and complicated renovation of our home that was completed about two years ago. We were delighted with the work that was finished on time and under the contracted price. We found working with Steve Lawrence and all of his sub-contractors to be an enjoyable experience. They are an exceptionally professional, competent, and friendly group.

Equally amazing and satisfying to us is the exceptional way in which Steve Lawrence stands behind his work. Over the two-year period since the renovation was completed, there have been a number of items that have broken or become worn, mostly from simple and expected wear and tear. Nonetheless, because Steve had done such excellent work, we continued to contact him about these issues. Steve has always responded to our inquiries quickly and has either come himself or sent others to deal with our problems. He has always put things right, providing the needed repairs. Never has he sent me a bill.


We are so fortunate to have selected Lawrence Builders for our project. Since we did so, we have seen other friends and family work with other builders and end up with interminable projects, shoddy work, and financial losses. We will most certainly work with Lawrence Builders on any future building projects that we may pursue."

– Theodore N. Bosack, Follow-Up Letter

Thanks for an awesome house that gets nothing but compliments when people see it. You and your team made me feel completely comfortable during the days and weeks I couldn’t be on site. Your use of email and digital images to keep in touch and eliminate the guesswork and mistakes that come with absence was pivotal.


Throughout the process, you were flexible with changes to the plan, and offered valuable suggestions to improve the design and function of the home. You always kept the job moving and continuing forward. Your good report with town officials and engineers only helped the process be that much more smooth.

One thing I tell people, that seems to explain it all, is that you and I are friends now—not many people can say that after a building project. Special thanks to John Meegan for his skills and command of the building project!
– Steve Gibree, Narragansett, RI

"In the Fall of 2007 we contracted Redhouse Drafting and Design to design a two story bungalow on Boon St in Narragansett, RI. The design was mature enough in late 2007 to send out for bids. We sent the Request for Quote to 4 Contractors and received 3 Bids. After reviewing the Bids we prepared a final Statement of Work and requested Final Bids. Two of the Contractors changed their prices significantly (one increase and one decrease) and one did not change. Lawrence Builders did not change their bid. The values were within $5,000 of each other.


We selected Lawrence Builders to build our house based on credibility and schedule. Steve Lawrence has lived up to our expectations and we would recommend Lawrence Builders without equivocation.

Starting with the Framing and structural integrity and the exterior the work was performed as if there were a complete set of detailed drawings. And, there is not a squeak in the house. Steve supplied expert advice on our choice of shingles (pre dipped and baked) and the man made (maintenance free) Decks Railings and other external finish pieces.


The interior is spectacular. The finish work, detail and choice of woods, framing, door design and Bathroom Layouts make it a pleasure to be in any room of the house. The 5 inch Red Oak flooring (finished in the house) was a Steve suggestion as well as the moldings.


Steve recommended Kitchens Direct for Cabinets, Harbour Lighting for fixtures, Electronic Surveillance for Alarms and Environmental Monitoring, Best Tile for Tiles and Bath Splash for Plumbing Fixtures. We used all of them and are pleased with the final products. It is notable that everyone we talked to spoke very well of Steve.


The Craftsmen that worked on the job clearly worked well on their own and knew exactly the level of quality that was expected. We make decisions and choices in advance of their need which allowed Steve to move at a steady and coordinated pace.


Around the 10th of August we realized that the house would probably not be ready to move in for our daughter’s wedding on the 24th. We said to Steve that we were expecting guests and would like to be in the house. Steve just said Ok. On Thursday the 22nd furniture and beds arrived as the last craftsman was leaving. Not only was the house livable it was spectacular. There was never a doubt that he could do it and he wasn’t even in town the last week.

The house is the envy of the street."
-Judy Ober and Bob Donaldson

Contact Us:

132 Boon St

Narragansett, RI 02882

"Having had four new houses constructed for us during the last forty years, we have learned that there are three acid tests that a successful General Contractor must pass to make your dream house a memorable experience. In truth, the fourth house was constructed by Steve Lawrence next door in 2008 for our daughter and son-in-law but we were involved.


Test No. 1 is the Contractor’s relationship with the architect. They are almost always subtly antagonistic at best and mutually hostile at worst. So be pleasantly surprised when you contact architects that have worked with Steve to find out that the experience was first rate. Each responded to the others concerns … and there are many as the house goes together. Steve establishes a friendly, professional and cooperative relationship with the architects and your dream becomes reality and you sleep well at night during the process.


Test No. 2 is the quality of the subcontractors. Contractors never pick up a hammer … the subs do all the work and there are lots of them and they need to be scheduled and managed. Once a Contractor has executed the construction agreement, he is pretty much free to pick and choose among the low bidders to get the job done and maximize his return. Steve is different. He has a team of first rate people, all of whom have worked together in the past. From the grandfather, father and son team who digs the hole and pours the concrete, to the acrobatic rough framers who swing through the trusses with tack hammers, to the incredibly skilled finish carpenter who breathes life into the structure (and enjoys every minute of it) they are all first rate artisans. Talk to them if you get the chance during one of Steve’s projects.


Finally, Test No. 3, the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued and you have moved in. What now? Doors get sticky, paint may show some plaster, and a few parts might be missing here and there. It happens in all new construction. Steve responds promptly and stuff gets fixed. As this testimonial is being prepared one year from the CO, Steve has responded to an issue in the basement that needs correcting.

Four houses in forty years … this was the best!”


- Dale & Nancy Harrington, Wickford, RI

"We started with a vacant piece of land and a dream. Steve Lawrence made our dream home a reality and it was everything we dreamed. He took us on a tour of several homes he had built, and we were impressed, particularly after seeing features that we had planned for our home.


One of the reasons we selected Steve was because he promised he could get the home completed quickly, and he did not let us down. Several times he got in and did needed work himself to keep things on schedule, and we saw him work extremely hard in those cases.


During the course of the building, issues inevitably rose, and Steve dealt with them to our complete satisfactions. Often times he identified and corrected things before we even knew about them. He also has a genuine interest in ensuring that things look nice and that they function properly, always keeping an eye out for those details.


Steve managed to get the work done and keep things moving quickly despite the fact that he was also building a huge million dollar house at the same time that our home was under construction. Our house looks beautiful thanks to Steve Lawrence and the highly competent subcontractors he uses. We highly recommend him for our custom home building needs. We can’t imagine anyone better."
-John and Kathy Hearty

"Steve Lawrence completed additions and renovations to our Narragansett home in 2005. For timeliness, craftsmanship and clean up, his crew was tops.


Steve’s ideas and suggestions helped us create two spectacular rooms; a living room with fire place and bookshelves and a year round sun room with a radiant heated floor.


Steve has our endorsement as contractor and a wonderful person with whom to work."
-Judy McGovern

"The task at hand was to construct a house based on an idea and drawing, and I must say that Lawrence Builders went above and beyond to ensure its successful completion. Working with Steve and the rest of the team was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail throughout the construction process were truly commendable. I felt well-informed and involved at every stage of the project.


The quality of work delivered by Lawrence Builders has left me thoroughly impressed. From the foundation to the finishing touches, everything was completed on time and with exceptional craftsmanship. The value provided far exceeded my expectations, and the final result of the project not only met but surpassed all of my hopes and desires.


I wholeheartedly recommend Lawrence Builders to anyone in need of construction services. 


Once again, I extend my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional work done by Lawrence Builders."

- Rich Caruso 

 We are owners of a beachfront home in Narragansett, RI.

We were very fortunate to meet Steve Lawrence one day at Lawrence Builders Inc.

headquarters at 132 Boon St., Narragansett, RI. This initial meeting was to discuss a new

construction project we were planning. Steve provided very helpful guidance and ideas on how

to navigate myriad municipal and regulatory reviews and approvals for a complicated new

coastal construction. We didn’t pursue that particular project but were glad that we met.


 Over the past two years, Lawrence Builders has essentially rebuilt our home. This was

unexpected. Our home was in reasonably modern condition and beautiful to the naked eye

having been constructed early in this new century. But, life on the Atlantic takes its toll on all

perimeter homes. When Mother Nature turns ornery, our home sometimes faces into the direct

path of the hurricane strength winds and big waves she serves up.


From these intermittent storms, we needed some isolated deck and siding repairs. I recalled

that earlier chance Boon street meeting with Steve and called. Steve’s team immediately

responded and first expertly addressed our deck by replacing the composite deck materials with

natural Brazilian hardwood. The beautiful wide planks of the Ipe not only improved the

appearance and function of the deck, but also longevity through its superior durability.


 We were so happy to have a new beautiful deck. But, our joy waned when we observed that

water was leaking into the house during storms and many window and door seals had been

compromised. My wife felt some anxiety because it was winter storm season and we would be

away from home shortly. I told her my favorite words learned over the years from the best

tradesman: “No problem, that can be easily fixed.” I then said a silent prayer that it may be true.

We knew we had to call Steve fast to find out. Steve came right over and toured the areas of

concern and also patiently watched our amateur video of it raining inside the house during the

last storm! Steve took some notes and breaths and then said, “No problem, we can fix all of this

for you!.” My prayer was answered.


  Over the next six months, Steve and his expert crews undertook a journey of discovering areas

of risk, threat, concern and opportunity too. We appreciated the expertise and professionalism

in all the trades supplied and arranged by Steve including, carpentry, siding, roofing, decking,

natural stone masonry, painting and costal-grade plumbing, electric & lighting.


 We also appreciated Steve’s supervision of all the work performed and his steady stream of value-add

ideas developed from on-site observations. He takes pride in his work and providing ideas on

how to improve outcomes through alternative materials, additional aesthetic finishes, and most

durable installations. His ideas are always respectfully presented and in deference to the

homeowners’ preferences, priorities and budget.


 What began as a deck repair evolved into essentially a full refresh of the original construction:

• New front and rear decks, including trimmed supports

• New natural wood shingle replacement with decorative trim throughout

• Exterior painting and trim

• New natural stone masonry finish to previously exposed foundation surfaces

• Newly installed exterior doors and windows with super-sealed structural support and trim

• New roof, including all flashing and synthetic inlay and stone-wrapped chimney

• New copper rain gutters

• New application of spray foam insulation

• Exterior lighting and plumbing upgrades

• New garage doors


 It’s winter storm season again and we are so happy to have the peace of mind that our little

coastal spot has been updated, upgraded and fortified for many more decades of the joy of Life

on the Atlantic!


Thank you Steve and all who worked on our home. We are very satisfied with the project

outcome and grateful for your assistance. We would happily work with Lawrence Builders again

which is the best expression of our endorsement and recommendation to anyone considering a

contractor for similar projects.


 - Padraic Kelly 

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